Los Angeles Council of Ski Clubs
Last updated:
October 30, 2017

Trip Policy for non-club members

Following process was defined to cover non-members for trips/travel sponsored by FWSA & LAC member clubs.

An individual who is
not a member of a LAC club (subsequently referred to as non-member) may participate in that club's trip (referred to subsequently as sponsoring-club) and be covered by the sponsoring-club's trip insurance by adhering to the following process.

Note: a non-member is defined as someone belonging to a different LAC club or not a member of any club.

When a non-member signs up to participate in a trip, the sponsoring-club will charge the non-member a one-time-per-year $10 surcharge to cover annual trip insurance coverage; this surcharge covers all trips taken by a non-member with a sponsoring-club during the club's fiscal year.

Non-member also signs sponsoring-club's standard waiver form for each trip taken.

Sponsoring-club records the non-member as a club member but with the designation of trip-only-member.

On an annual basis, sponsoring-club reports count of members and trip-only-members to Insurance provider.

Note: LAC strongly encourages all clubs to adopt the above policy if the club allows non-members to participate in the club's trips.