Los Angeles Council of Ski Clubs
Last updated:
October 30, 2017
This is an alphabetical listing of clubs as of October, 2017. If a Club has a home page, you may click on the Club name and be taken to their site for further information.

Please contact the LAC Membership Chairperson - lacmembership @ or check the Membership page for further information on joining LA Council of Ski Clubs. If your club information is incorrect, please update your information on the Club Information form.
Los Angeles Council Clubs
Club General Meeting Location President or Contact
AEA Ski Club South Bay Andrew Maxwell
Asian Skiing and Snowboarding Club Los Angeles Warren Tanaka
Auslich Ski Club Belmont Shore/ Long Beach Joe Vanderhoof
Beach Cities Beach Cities Bruce Lee
Buckhorn Ski and Snowboard Club Angeles National Forest Rodney Rice
CCSC Sports West Side Los Angeles Kay Collins
Conejo Ski & Sports Club Thousand Oaks Richard Murray
Edelweiss Ski Club San Fernando Valley Wendy Goldzband
Executive Board Snowboard Association Los Angeles Cheyenne Aldridge
4 Seasons West Ski & Snowboard Club Los Angeles Jane Gutierrez
Grindelwald Ski Club Pasadena Philip Grant   
Hughes Ski Club South Bay Steve Klinger 
Inland Empire Ski & Sports Club Riverside Teri Allard
Kronenstadt Ski Club Pasadena Bruce Bailey
Long Beach Ski Club Long Beach/ South Bay Kris Flaig
Los Padres Ski Club Simi Valley/Ventura County Tom Reed
On the Hill Gang - Los Angeles Los Angeles Annette Mann
Pacific Rim Alliance Southern California Catherine Ohl
Radar River Rats
Water Ski Club
Southern California Catherine Ohl
Saga Ski Club Los Angeles Sal Veas
Santa Barbara Ski & Sports Club Santa Barbara County Robert Palmer
Snow Busters Ski Club Pasadena Eric Sykes
The Unrecables Los Angeles Michelle McCarthy
Wailers Ski, Snowboard & Social Club San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles Regina Reilly
Westwood Ski Club
Los Angeles Scott Peer
Winter Fox Ski & Snowboard Association Los Angeles Ida Cochrane