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Los Angeles Council of Ski Clubs
Last updated:
October 30, 2017
Club   Club History
Aerospace Ski Club   Aerospace Employee's Association Ski Club was founded in 1961 by employees of the Aerospace Corporation, civilian and military personnel of the Air Force.
Asian Skiing &
Boarding Club
  Asian Skiing & Boarding Club of LA was founded in 1971 by a group of friends who decided they could save money by taking bus loads of people to Mammoth for the weekend. An ad was placed in the local papers.
Auslich Ski Club   Auslich Ski & Recreation Club of Belmont Shore was founded in 1967 by a group of Long Beach skiers tired of the long drive to Mammoth.
Beach Cities   Beach Cities Ski Club, founded in 1960, is famous for their annual Volleyball "Tournament of the Roses" in Manhattan Beach and their Clambake camp-out in.
CCSC   Century City Ski and Sports Club was founded in 1970 by Michel Alkaslassy. When Equity Funding said he couldn't form a ski club at the company, flyers were handed out in Century City for a party at the Beverly Hilton- 350 people attended.
Conejo Ski & Sports Club   Conejo Ski & Sports Club was founded in 1982 as a winter ski club but has grown to include all sports and leisure activities to provide a healthy forum, away from the bar scene, where members can socialize, meet new friends, and share experiences
Edelweiss Ski Club   Edelweiss Ski & Sport Club was founded in 1957 and helped establish the LAC Softball League and develop club racing prior to Mammoth having a race department.
Executive Board Snowboard Association   Executive Board Snowboard Association was founded in 1999 by Keith Green with emphasis on snowboarding, youth and family.
4 Seasons West Ski & Snowboard Club   Four Seasons West Ski Club, founded in 1966 by Ben Fineley and Flavins Rowell, is a founding member club of the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS), an association of African-American ski clubs throughout the US
Grindelwald Ski Club   Grindelwald Ski Club was founded September 15, 1949 by Louis Buhler, Bruce Campbell, Jack Heimstra, Jack Hosli, Sutter Kunkel, Harold Nelson, and Benton Shannon. Grindelwald ran the first Ski Swap in 1949 (same swap now at Ski Dazzle) and the Hansel and Gretel Races at Mammoth in the 60ís & 70s.
Hughes Ski Club   Hughes Ski Club was founded in 1964 by a bunch of engineers at Hughes Aircraft Company. Originally known as HCCEA (Hughes Culver City Employee's Association) Ski Club, they were a force to contend with when it came to beer drinking contests.
Inland Empire Ski &  Sports Club   The Inland Empire Ski and Sports Club (IESSC) was formed in 1983.The primary purpose and goal of IESSC is to identify, develop and finance the training of future African American Winter Olympians and by their presence, present to the world a more homogeneous representation of the United States of America in its Olympic endeavor.
Kronenstadt Ski Club   Kronenstadt Ski Club, founded in 1961, was originally named Pasadena Young Republicans but took the name Kronenstadt (crown) in 1963. In 1983, under the leadership of Sallie Pritchard, they established the California Handicapped Skiers Foundation, now known as the US Recreation Adaptive Center (USARC) at Big Bear.
Long Beach Ski Club   Long Beach Ski Club was founded in 1938 as a friendly community of fun loving adults of all ages.
Los Padres Ski Club   In 1937, some Ventura County visionaries secured a 99-year land lease in the Los Padres National Forest, located west of Frasier Park, and called themselves the Los Padres Ski Club. On that site the Club built a rope tow and a small warming hut.
Over the Hill Gang - LA    
Pacific Rim Alliance   Pacific Rim Alliance Snow Sports Club was founded September 12, 1997 by Gene Fulkerson and Catherine Ohl to disseminate information to skiers on ski related issues and to support charities such as the Jimmie Heuga Center for MS & USARC
Radar River Rats   Radar River Rats, founded on May 12, 1985 by Catherine Ohl, Ray Estrada, Keith Lyon, John Burns, and John Siebold, offers safe water ski trips and lessons on the Colorado River. The Rats promote ski trips to Utah and Colorado.
Saga Ski Club   Saga Ski & Snowboard Club was one of the first gay-centered sports organizations in the United States.
Santa Barbara Ski Club   Santa Barbara Ski & Sports Club began as a skiing club only in 1955 but has evolved to a full summer and winter sports club with a very diverse schedule of ski, social and sports events.
SnowBusters Ski Club   Snow Busters Ski Club was founded June 1985 by Eric Sykes, Kennis L. Hankinson, Deborah Campbell, Denise Hooks, Windell Benny and Theresa Dixon-Cowart. Their goal is to place a minority youth on the U.S. Ski Team.
Space Park   Space Park Ski Club was founded in 1956 by employees of TRW. The club changed its name to The Right Way Ski Club in 2000, later becoming Space Park Ski Club
The Unrecables   The Unrecables, founded in 1980 by Ron Bass, actively promotes and facilitates participation in sports, recreation, and social activities for people with disabilities in the Los Angeles community.
Wailers   Wailers Ski Club, founded in 1954 by Larry Fischer and others, is famous for their River Bashes and raising money for McLaren Children's Center. They are proud and fierce defenders of the wild life.
Westwood   Westwood Ski Club, founded in 1961, offers a unique opportunity to get in shape for racing in the off season- roller blade training on the hills of West L.A.
Winter Fox   Winter Fox Ski Association was founded in 1979 to provide the youths in their minority community the ability to achieve some accomplishments that might otherwise not be possible. Winter Fox is a member of the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS)
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