Los Angeles Council of Ski Clubs
Last updated:
March 25, 2017


Los Angeles Council of Ski Clubs as a Council supports The Unrecables, a member club of our Council. The Unrecables is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, serving the recreational needs of people with disabilities. They promote adaptive sports, and encourage people with disabilities to participate in sports, recreational, and social activities in their communities.

We are able to get a California Gold Pass to raffle and 50% of the proceeds go to The Unrecables. This year we were able to donate $280 to the club.

LAC has also supported a Junior Racer, Kayleigh MacGregor, from Mammoth. In addition to supporting Kayleigh LAC donates additional money to the FWSA Athletic Scholarship fund.

A donation in memory of Louis Buhler, founder of Grindelwald Ski Club was given to the FWSA Athletic Scholarship Fund.

Many of our clubs participate in events where the proceeds are donated to charity. Many hours and much money is given by the individual clubs.